Szállítási díj 990Ft. A szállítás ingyenes 20.000Ft feletti vásárlás esetén!
NASA Xmas Sweater

Akár 17.990 Ft

The christmas sweater of Mister Tee with a meaningful knit is a key piece for every wardrobe. Furthermore, it convinces with a high wearing comfort.Oberstoff 1 100% Polyacryl Acylic Kniw
Pug Christmas Sweater

Akár 17.990 Ft

Since everyone already seen enough reindeer at Christmas, the time for a differently equipped winter sweater has arrived – Behold the adorable Christmas pug! Frontal on the chest he shows himself with reindeer antler and bell collar on. On the back he enlightens the mood with his cute corkscrew tail....
Sausage Dog Christmas Sweater

Akár 17.990 Ft

Gray winter weather on the march and already the mood drops down to zero. Although, it won’t when you are armed with this cool sweater! The eye-magnetizing knit sweater is not only an eye-catcher, but also radiates good vibes. Just remember to wear it casually and with confidence and you'll...
Pusher Athletics Zip Sweater

20.990 Ft

ade of high quality cotton, this sweater offers unsurpassed comfort and freedom of movement thanks to special raglan sleeves. Pusher Athletics logos can be found as embroidery on the chest and as a woven patch below the neck. The special highlight of the pullover is the pocket on the left...
Norwegian Christmas Sweater

Akár 17.990 Ft

Be honest, you've just been waiting for this Norwegian Christmas sweater to arrive, right?! And you were right to, but now you can finally look forward to wear the real Christmas spirit paired with cuddly wearing comfort. This classic sweater brings you traditional features like crew neck and wide cuffs....
Wide Neck Sweater

11.990 Ft

The knitted sweater for the modern, self-confident man! The wide neckline attracts attention and always looks absolutely stylish and fashionable.knitted 3gg 100% Acrylirc
Crewneck Sweater

Akár 9.990 Ft

No more "What am I going to wear today?" - this sweater with a classic crewneck makes it a pleasure to go to the closet, because it fits to almost every pant and simply looks good especially for a basic article.Oberstoff 1 63% Baumwolle Brushed Fleece 300 GSMOberstoff 1 37%...
Cardigan Stitch Roll Neck Sweater

Akár 17.990 Ft

Simple, but undoubtedly a favorite sweater that brings out the fisherman in you. Equipped with turtleneck collar, wide cuffs and distinct rills, you will benefit from an authentic Jack Tar style, so you can lean back and start each day in a cool and relaxed manner. Nice detail are the...
Longsleeve Sweater

Akár 12.990 Ft

Make yourself comfy with this long sleeve cotton sweater! Fabric and cut are intended for maximum comfort. Thanks to its classic style and the unobtrusive colors, you will always be properly dressed. Slip it on, start feeling good, get ready to roll!Oberstoff 1 70% Viskose Oberstoff 1 30% Nylon
Line Striped Sweater

14.990 Ft

Edgy, casual, straight: a laid-back, cool sweater with plain horizontal stripes in contrasting colors. Fabric and cut are intended for maximum comfort. Dressed with this truthful companion carefree and long summer evenings can finally arrive.Oberstoff 1 70% Viskose Oberstoff 1 30% Nylon
Block Sweater

Akár 17.990 Ft

This knit sweater leaves enough feeling-good-room on the inside and is a stimulant for bursts of creativity. The comfortable, wide jumper has a casual flair and sets accents without being obtrusive. Three wide stripes run across the chest and create a fashionable contrast to the dark navy.Oberstoff 1 100% Baumwolle...
Striped Sweater

Akár 14.990 Ft

Stripes are always a winner – especially when they look this good: The comfortable sweater scores with drop shoulders and soft knit material in wide block stripes. The rib-knit cuffs perfectly round off the casual knit look.Oberstoff 1 100% Polyacryl Yarn
Raglan Wideneck Sweater

Akár 7.990 Ft

Casual sweater in fashionable knit style. With rolled edges at the hemlines and extensive raglan seams make the Raglan Wideneck Sweater from URBAN CLASSICS to your new favorite piece.Oberstoff 1 100% Polyacryl Acrylic Knit GSM
Fine Knit Melange Cotton Sweater

10.990 Ft

Casual crewneck in melange optic in soft cotton with high wear comfort. Rolled edges at the hemlines complete the cool look of the Fine Knit Melange Cotton Sweater from URBAN CLASSICS.Oberstoff 1 100% Baumwolle Fine Knit GSM
Coca Cola Xmas Sweater

17.990 Ft

Because you just can’t have enough Christmas sweaters! This Xmas sweater satisfies with a trendy white-red knit and a consistently implemented Coca-Cola theme. The brand logo runs along the front, the front and rear of the sleeves are adorned with "catch the wave." letterings. A sweeter Christmas spirit in a...
Chenille Hooded Sweater

14.990 Ft

Just a stylish leisure piece: this is the Chenille Hooded Sweater from URBAN CLASSICS. Supersoft chenille fabric ensures a high wear comfort. The raglan sleeves and the hoody garantee give a cool look.Oberstoff 1 85% Polyacryl Chenille GSMOberstoff 1 15% Baumwolle Chenille GSM